Do you want to know how to increase height? For most people, being short is viewed as a disadvantage. You probably just laughed at the ‘short’ jokes your friends would make-but you know deep inside, you wish you were taller. Men and women who are much shorter than what is considered an ideal height will find themselves asking, “Can I still get taller? Are there ways to do it?”

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We cannot interfere with nature. In this regard, all such fellows who tend to have this factor in their genes can not do much in order to grow taller. But height is one such factor that plays a very important role in making our personalities very attractive. There would be no one in this whole world who does not like to look attractive and pleasing to others. All those who tend to be of short-height seem to suffer from a low self esteem because they think themselves not that attractive. For all such folks, it is to be remembered that growing taller is not something impossible rather it is very possible and it can be achieved with success.

If you have the cash to spare then the method on how to get taller is to use surgical procedures. This is better known as the limb lengthening surgery. Since this is just new, it is safe to say that this can be very risky aside from the fact that it is very expensive. Furthermore, there are so just a few clinics which provide this height increase surgery which is why there are only a few doctors who can competently do the work. This simply means that you can never fully trust this method. Limb lengthening surgery will cut your bones in order for it to grow back. Of course, this is an extremely painful operation too and it usually takes a whole year before you can recover from the stress it gives.

Here are some of the most effective tips to get the height you want:

Human Growth Hormone

The most important hormone which impacts the growth of the body is Human Growth Hormone. The greater the production of growth hormone in your body, the more likely you are to be taller. With the passage of time, this hormone starts decreasing. This is the reason that growth in height stops as you get older.


Foods that you need to avoid if you want to become taller include alcohol, salt, simple carbohydrates and refined sugars, as they decrease the production of human growth hormone in the body. Eat foods rich in zinc, calcium, chromium and magnesium. Meat is a good source of chromium. Foods that contain zinc and calcium include yoghurt, milk and eggs.

Stretching Exercises

Many experts recommend doing stretching exercises daily to stretch your back and improve your muscle tone. The most common type of stretching repetitions is simple floor exercises that can be done at home. Lie flat on the floor with both your feet together against a wall. Stretch your back and hold the position as you count to ten. After counting, exhale and rest for a while. Do these as many as you can and each time, increasing the time in holding your stretched position. As you do this daily, you will notice an increase in your height and an improvement in your posture as well.

Hair Style

Our hair styles also affect the way we look, Short hair is the way to go if you want to appear taller. Short hair can make you seem longer and taller as the space between you head and shoulders becomes more distinguishable.


Most the time we sit with our backs hunched, when on the pc or sat on the couch watching TV. This can cause your spine to slump making you even smaller. Always try to sit and stand up straight with your shoulders back. You can add up to an inch just by correcting your posture. You also instantly look and feel taller when you do this.

Don’t Stress

Stress does not do a body good whether you’re a teen or an adult. Develop some patience and relax a little, it will offer benefits for many years to come.


Our body’s do much of its healing and growing while we sleep. Be sure that you are getting plenty of sleep.

how to increase height

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